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  • At Simply Ideal we take great pride in our products quality and finish.
  • We can manufacture our frames in a full range of different colours, please enquire within if you have any specific requirements.
  • Our Casement Windows are available in a full range of top and side hung styles.
  • We have a full range of Tilt & Turn and Reversible window styles available.
  • Our units have a 70mm frame depth, internally beaded, offering improved installation and glazing practice.
  • All profiles fully sculptured with a true 17.5mm sculptured radius for a more traditional appearance.
  • All sashes have full depth Eurogroove , offering choice of shootbolt fittings to meet all specifications.
  • Design of outer frames and mullions incorporates a positive location for friction stays to ensure correct operation.
  • Designed to glaze a 28mm unit centrally within the profile, combining improved appearance with maximum thermal performance.
  • Option to glaze up to 40mm triple glazed units.
  • Fitted with weldable gaskets/weather seals offering improved appearance and performance characteristics.
  • Low sightline gaskets o ffering improved overall appearance and easier cleaning of the glass.
  • Comprehensive set of ancillaries, allowing many different installation details to be accommodated.
  • Three outer frames; 56mm, 70mm & 85mm, catering for different installation details and window, conservatory and door styles.
  • 70mm frame can also be welded to 85mm frame, maintaining the reinforcement chamber, catering for different installation details without need for add-ons.
  • 4 mullions, catering for different installation details, performance requirements and window/door styles.
  • Our VEKA Matrix fully-sculptured System is extremely popular. With curves and slender sightlines it captures all the best features of timber, with the added advantages of a technically advanced PVC-U system.

Underneath its striking, fully-sculptured good looks is one the most technically advanced frames on the market, with superior weather resistance, heat insulation and physical strength – all from a recyclable material. The window design will accept any glazing requirement making it perfect for homeowners concerned about energy ratings. 

Our Fully Sculptured Vertical Sliding Sash Window come with the following specification:-

  • Slimline Outer Frame 136mm x 68mm
  • Fully Welded Construction
  • 28mm Double Glazed Units
  • Caldwell Hardware
  • Caldwell Balances
  • Concealed Drainage Now as Standard
  • Deep Bottom Rail Available (Not Add-On)
  • Plant-On Georgian Back-to-Back Spacer (Scribed)
  • Choice of Horns
  • White, Rosewood or Light Oak

Homeowners looking to find high quality sliding sash windows to replace their existing ones won't find better than our VEKA vertical sliding sash windows.

Not only do thesereplacement sash windowslook exactly like their traditional timber predecessors, they are also significantly more energy-efficient and much simpler to maintain. These technically advanced double glazed sash windows offer heritage and technology in perfect partnership.

Ideally suited to homes with a traditional look and feel, they offer the added benefits of improved heat retention and security. You no longer need to worry about problematic weights and cords or any of the drawbacks typically associated with traditional sliding sash windows such as swelling, squeaking or continual repainting. With our upvc sash windows, you can simply make the most of the effortless gliding operation and relax in the knowledge that when you use an Approved VEKA installer, your peace of mind is guaranteed.

The Vertical Sliding Windows can also be tilted inwards to offer easy cleaning.

Our VEKA sliding sash windows are available in white, golden oak, rosewood or a huge selection of bespoke colours - just ask for details.